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What is Art Therapy? 何謂藝術治療?

  • 藝術治療是非語言的心理治療,以藝術創作過程為溝通工具

  • 藝術治療是利用藝術作為溝通工具,並透過與治療師的治療關係,當事人的情緒、人際關係及個人成長的各種需要得到關注,從而達致持久性改變。

  • 在藝術治療師的陪伴下,當事人透過創作(繪畫、素描、模型等 視覺圖像),反映了潛藏的內心思緒、感情,從而把無形的情緒具體化地表現在作品中,得以觀察,反思及討論。

  • 透過創造的過程,亦能為當事人帶出“創造”必須及/或積極改變的潛能;它也能讓當事人接觸其本身具備的解決困難的能力”(香港藝術治療師協會)。

  • Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy

  • We use both art-making and talking.

  • It is a place to talk about your life, thoughts, feelings and anything that is worrying you.

  • Art as a medium to address emotional issues which may be confusing and distressing.

  • You do not need to be good at art to come to Art Therapy.

  • Therapist will talk with you about the artwork to try and have a better understanding of how you feel.

~ 超越語言的力量 ~When words are not enough~

​How does it help? 如何支援,協助與改善?

Improve behaviour, raise achievement, encourage attendance and help student take part more fully in school life. Students who may benefit are those:
  • In danger of exclusion
  • Experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties
  • With social, peer, communication, speech and language difficulties
  • Struggling with particular life events such as bereavement, changes in family structure, and illness
  • Who have suffered abuse, bullying or trauma
  • With learning difficulties or physical disabilities
  • With Autistic Spectrum Disorders
This list is not exhaustive and student who may present as withdrawn or anxious, angry, depressed, moody, violent or disaffected may also benefit from art therapy.

Why Art Therapy ? 為何選擇藝術治療?

  • 提供非語言的溝通方式協助表達困難情緒。

  • 另一種心理諮詢模式,可以幫助個人的心理,情感,教育,社會和身心發展。

  • 比較於以對話為主的心理輔導,藝術治療提供新的策略技巧予學生、家長及學校。

  • 建立學生的解難能力。

  • 鼓勵和支持學生,家長和老師,通過創作的轉化速成積極的變化。

  • Provide an alternative way to communicate their emotional difficulties, a visual language that does not rely on words alone. 
  • A form of intervention can assist with an individual’s psychological, emotional, educational, social and physical development.
  • New strategies for managing feelings, thoughts and behaviors at home and school.
  • Build resilience in the child
  • Encourage and support the child, parents—and teachers— through the process of making positive changes.

有誰適合藝術治療?Who will be benefit?

  • 行為問題

  • 危機處理

  • 心理創傷或情緒困擾

  • 抑鬱

  • 喪親

  • 疾病或醫療相關問題

  • 特殊需要

  • 欠缺自信

  • 欺凌或被欺凌

  • 家庭危機

  • 濫用有關問題

  • 童年情感忽視

  • 創作藝術可能是一種比言語交流更簡單的選擇

  • Behavioural issues
  • Crisis or trauma
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Illness or medical issues
  • Special needs
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Bullying
  • Family breakdown
  • Problems related to abuse
  • Neglect and trauma
  • Creating art work can be a simpler alternative to verbal communication



Although influenced by psychoanalysis, art therapists have been inspired by theories such as attachment-based psychotherapy and have developed a broad range of client-centred approaches such as psycho-educational, mindfulness and mentalization-based treatments, compassion-focussed and cognitive analytic therapies, and socially engaged practice.

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Infomation from:The British Association of Art Therapists            


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