Who we are 關於我們 ?


 We are a team of registered Art psychotherapists who provide professional Art Psychotherapy and psychological counselling  services to  students , families , School. and agents. 

 Art therapy 藝術治療


Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses both art-making and talking. It is a place to talk about your life, thoughts, feelings and anything that is worrying you.

  Counselling 心理輔導  

心理輔導協助兒童及年輕人處理各樣情緒,瞭解自己感受和期望,從而找到疏導和解決的方法。 我們使用的治療方法包括認知行為,心理動力學,正念,創意藝術治療等。

Counseling help children, young person to explore and understand their issues and focus on their psychological, cognitive and emotional development. Approaches we use include cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic, mindfulness, play and art therapy.



 Psycho-education is the education offered to individuals and their families the use of creativity as a means of resolving difficulties in life and for personal development, to help empower them and deal with their condition in an optimal way. 

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香港藝術治療輔導與教育 Hong Kong Art Therapy

香港藝術治療輔導與教育 Hong Kong Art Therapy and Education​  Ensuring healthy psychological growth for every child and youngsters.

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