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過往活動 Meet the Art Therapist featuring Ms Regina Au 藝術聊程 September 26th 2016- The Application of Using Art Therapy with Mentally Disturbed Students 藝術治療應用於情緒受困學生 Secondary School is one of the most important formation stages of any person’s life. In just 6 years, little children are prepared to transform into men and women that are asked to choose their future life paths. In this phrase, they undergo the changes of the body and emotions. On top of that, with the everlasting exam oriented education system and stressful social and family environment, they struggle to thrive and to fit in with all the possible obstacles. In this period, a safe and supportive place and person for them to express this experience is essential.

HKAAT is very blessed to have Ms Regina Au to share her school-based art therapy service with our members. Ms Regina Au launched one of the very first art therapy services into the Hong Kong education system. Regina used clear illustrations and language to help our audiences to understand what challenges our school children are facing in their study. And how art therapy service becomes an essential and helpful resource for these secondary school students to express and release their daily obstacles. Every student has their own potential yet within a single-minded exam-oriented education system, some might not fit in. As the famous quote from the genius Albert Einstein once said,

“Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.”

Ms Regina’s passion in assisting teenagers to prosper and to release their difficulties during school term, such as school problem, relationship issue, family issue, and career path was stunning and leaves lot of room for reflection of what we can do better, regardless our roles as therapists, teachers, parents, social workers, principle, or policy makers. Should we continue to judge all our children base on their sole ability to climb and dismiss their other potential, or allow children to find different niche for themselves so they can thrive in different area instead of academic and academic alone. When art therapy service is newly implemented in a new setting, therapist always needs time to develop rapport and work along with other caregivers in order to better assisting the students. It has never been easy to be forerunner of any form.

HKAAT would like to salute to Ms Regina for her effort to become this pioneer in Hong Kong who installed a stable and consistent service for our students in school. When local schools from times to times pour in short-term bought art therapy service to their schools’ settings, the outcome can be still positive yet the inconsistency make art therapy just an extra activities for students to try. A stable and consistent service is essential in any setting in order to make the service’s potential reach to its fullness.

Ms Regina’s work inspired many fellow therapists and hope that through different ways of sharing and knowledge exchange, more schools or funds will draw to install a more stable mental health services for students. As students‘ mental health wellbeing are far more important than their academic grade.

資料來源: 香港藝術治療師協會會訊02/2017 P.18 Issue 25

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